Are you still struggling to restore your eyesight?

Revealed! Discover the Closely Guarded Age-old Secret from China on how you can restore optimal eye vision, correct eye defects like short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism, night blindness, Glaucoma, Cataract, Old-age Sight and a host of other eye defects.

Bad EyeSight and Infection Can Actually Be A Thing of The Past For You!

Here's how…

For the first time ever, the Chinese traditionalists discovered a purely natural and most efficient way to get rid of any eye defects and generally improve your eye condition

This wonderful tea bag was discovered in April 2009, by a Chinese Doctor named Liu Xiaobo. He discovered that the reason why old people in China rarely wear glasses is deeply CONNECTED  to their culture.

 And that's because the first thing an average Chinese man does when he wakes up is to drink a herbal tea. It's no secret that as a visitor the first thing an average Chinese man offers his/her visitor is the same herbal tea! 

 A chinese man does not bring out food for his visitors….he offers that visitor a herbal tea!

In fact, they love this culture so much that they even have a name for it. They call it “Chayi” the art of drinking tea.

This Tradition Is Over 2000 years old!

Doctor Liu Xiaobo noticed the healing powers of the tea bag and what he did next will SHOCK You. 

He gathered all four tea bag, went into his lab, worked on the herbs contained in the tea bag for 3 months till he came up with the most powerful & Amazing cure for eye defects the world has ever seen!

The good news is… This natural remedy is now available in Nigeria and it’s working for everyone!

Tell me if any of these sounds familiar to you:

  • You Panic Whenever You Forget Your Glasses at Home
  • You Have Tried Many Eye Prescriptions but Your Infection Keeps Getting Worse and Worse    
  • You Are sick and tired of spending a Fortune on Eyeglasses & Drugs    
  • You Can't Afford to Pay The Huge Eye Surgery Fees    
  • Doctor Said You are Going to Have a Surgery and Can't just stop Thinking About the “what ifs”
  • Your Eyes Get Really Itchy From Looking at Your Phone and Laptop Screen For a Long Time
  • You Want To Start Early to Prevent Any Sort of Eye Infection

If any — or all — of the above is giving you sleepless nights, then I am happy to INTRODUCE you to…. Eye Bright Tea is a 100% natural eyesight therapy

With this herbal tea, you can finally say bye bye to your current eye defects —or the future ones.

Eye Bright Tea is made from 5 Rare Herbs: Chrysanthemum, Chinese Wolfberry, Cassia Seed, Green Tea and Eye Bright Herb.

It's naturally prepared to clear blurred vision, Dim vision, swelling, red eyes and sore. Eye Bright Natural Tea contains all wild crafted herbs and a continued usage of this tea will benefit the liver, nourish the kidney, refresh the heart and brighten the eyes.

We could go on and on telling you about the benefits of this herbal tea, but you won't know, (like really know) until you try it.

Yes, I Want In!

How Much Will This Cost Me? 

I want you to jump in and get started today. Even more so, I can't wait for you to see the results that are waiting for you on the other side. 

If the big Pharmacy stores get hold of this product, they are going to sell it for nothing less than 60,000 Naira. 

And guess what?

Other online stores are selling it for 30,000 Naira.

But for only 19,500 Naira you can get started TODAY to restore your eyesight before it's too late!

Get it today!


PROMO PRICE = N19,500 (for one month's Treatment)

N35,000 (for two month's Treatment) 

(Free Delivery plus Payment on Delivery)

You May be wondering how a simple herbal tea can restore your Eyesight.

Here's How…    

  • It detoxifies the body system of toxins from other drugs that have accumulated over time in the body system 
  • It then repairs the optic nerves that been damaged by the use of eyeglasses over time
  • Finally, it restores your eyesight and revitalizes your eyesight. Continuous use of the herbal tea will make sure your eyesight remains clear for life  


It doesn’t matter if you are over 18, 30, or even over 60 years old right now… it doesn’t matter if your drugs aren't working, it doesn't matter what the doctor said…

… This herbal tea is going to restore 70% of your eye defects INSTANTLY, make you ditch your glasses —without going through dangerous and expensive eye correction surgery and without fear of a single harmful side-effect in 20 DAYS!!!

Although It's the First Time I will be selling this Herbal tea In Nigeria, It Is Already Giving Positive Results To My Friends and Colleagues I gave it to.

Here's what they are saying…

Remember, you’re backed by our 30-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

Are You Ready To Get Rid Of Your Eye Defect and restore your eyesight?

Click on “Order Now” to Get it today!


PROMO PRICE = N19,500 (for one month's Treatment)

N35,000 (for 2 month's Treatment) 

(Free Delivery plus Payment on Delivery)

 How to use it:   

  • Take out one of the tea bags (there are 20 in a pack)   
  • Put it in a boiling water.
  • Wait for 5-7 minutes  
  • Pour the contents in a water bottle  
  • Take it in the morning and night before sleeping  

Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder —but not when you have a bad EYE.  

Our Guarantee: You will start seeing changes after 20 days

For Enquiries, Text or Call: 08188864248

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